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Holistic foraging retreat

I'm hosting a foraging retreat in September 24th to 26th. My lovely friend Tamara Colchester, lover of nature and holistic forager and I hatched this idea after our winter retreat trial in December which we enjoyed so much. Tamara forages and talks passionately about the historical and spiritual connection with nature and the earth, it's impossible not to feel her own calm spirituality and enthusiasm. Doing something like this on Rum which has such an abundance of wild landscapes and history will be wonderful and exciting. The plan is to explore locally and further afield on Rum, watching the red deer rut, which is without doubt, one of the most exciting animal mating displays in the world, forage for wild plants and fungi and incorporate them into our fabulous home cooked vegetarian and plant based meals... wholesome...filling....delicious.

We'll also be wild swimming for those who want to give it a go, or if not swimming then a cold dip in the sea. Wild swimming in cold water is just amazing, I love it and go out a s often as I can which is every day out of B&B season and whenever I can during the summer months.

As well as foraging, swimming and exploring, there will be meditation, mindful crafting, campfire cookery, a night walk and story telling and possibly a night under the stars.

Tamara will show our lovely guests how to identify and use various plants and fungi for cooking and health purposes.

Of course, this is a scottish island, we can't guarantee the weather and life is not perfect, so the plan may change a bit to fit in with what's happening outside, but we can still forage in the rain, swim in the rain, sing in the rain if we want.

We wanted to put together an experience together that was holistic, wholesome, honest and laid back in Rum's rugged and wild landscape.

If you're looking for something like this in your life, then come along, join in and tell us your story

Accommodation options will be at Ivy Cottage Guest House, Bramble bothy, Rum bunkhouse and camping pods. Numbers are limited to 8 so if you are interested in joining our experience, get in touch by email fliiss@isleofrum.cocom or on instagram to @ivycottagerum or @tamaracolchester

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