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Wild Swimming

Rùm offers a variety of swimming experiences. The shore in Kinloch is a great place to start. I am an insured STA level 2 open water swim coach and regularly swim all year round. If you would like a short guided swim or dip, get in touch. Hot drink, cake and use of towel/dryrobe included.


A chance encounter one winter got me into cold water swimming. Despite living next to the sea for many years and whilst I have always loved swimming, I hadn't really embraced cold water, but now I am hooked. A quick swim or dip in the morning is great for my wellbeing, I feel truly blessed. There are lots of different places to hop into the water - in the sea at Kinloch, the beautiful beach at Kilmory, a variety of pools and waterfalls on the rivers and fresh water peaty hill lochs. I'm spending some time exploring and writing a swimming guide for Rùm, which will be available here, when it's finished.

If you are interested in exploring the cold or adventuring into the nooks and crannies of Rùm to find a place to swim, let me know and we can frame a micro adventure for you.


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